Guide to Buying a Classic Car Cover

Car covers are the answer to the question, ‘how do I protect my car when it is parked?’ This is because you need to protect it from factors like scratches, dents, acid rain, corrosion, trees, birds and many other things that may affect your car’s new look. The reason why you need to protect your car is because vehicles that stay in top condition for a long time can fetch a great price in the market in the event the owner decides to sell theirs. There are some factors to look into when purchasing these can I find chevy silverado car covers. The first thing to look into is the size of the car that needs to be covered. This is because many companies manufacture car covers for different sizes of vehicles. This means that you can purchase covers for anything from motorcycles to trucks. There is also the option to purchase a universal cover which can protect any kind of vehicle. The size of the universal cover is controlled by a drawstring that is fitted into the cover.

After figuring out the size needed for your car, you must then consider the protection offered by the chosen car cover. You can find a lighter cover that is good for indoor protection like in a garage or warehouse. You can go for heavier materials as the needs get more demanding. This means that you can get protection from dust, bird droppings and branches with a lighter outdoor model. You can also get one that is heavier for protection in storms, acid rain and snow. There are the waterproof car covers on offer that protect your car from moisture and corrosion caused by acid rain. Sunlight can also damage a car and through UV rays and you can get a cover that protects from these as well as keep the car cool in warmer conditions. Alongside with the kind of covers you need, you need to look for brands that come with a warranty so that your car covers can protect your investment in the long term.

After finding out the car covers that you require, you can then consider the durability. This means that you must look at how it is made, stitched and woven in order to be more confident in its purpose. Ensure that the material used is top notch so that it serves its purpose correctly. Durability is also guaranteed if you purchase your car covers from a reputable company. This should be one that has been in business for a long time and has a proven track record of quality. Other factors to look into include costs. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on car covers. You can look for great deals offered during clearance sales or even when used covers are up for grabs. You can look in your local directory or on the internet so as to find the best car covers offers available out there.

Finding car covers that suit your needs is not as hard as it may seem and as long as the above guide is followed, then you are well on your way to protecting your vehicle from elements that may ruin its shine and luster. With prices of commodities soaring to the skies, it is only fair to save some cash while you get something else that is cheaper, but just as good. These are many types of covers for your car. Just as there are so many types of covers for your car to choose from, just so are there as many factors to consider when choosing one. Check out the following:


Whatever kind of cover is more readily available in the market is going to be cheaper than what is not readily available. In the upholstery stores locally and online, you are indeed going to be spoilt for choice. Whatever manner of cover you would like to buy for your car, you shall be richly rewarded by the result that the market will give you. And you do not even have to go looking for the store that stocks car covers; you could get their numbers from the telephone directory and let them come looking for you, delivering your car cover right at your doorstep.


When you go to buy a good cover for your car, the most important factor to consider is durability. Definitely, you have probably seen car covers ripped in two and flapping in the wind after a short stint of usage. This can be costly and time wasting and what you want is to save your precious bucks. Before you buy any kind of car cover, ask the shop assistants what the advantages of each variety are so that you only buy what is good and durable. Do not leave anything to chance because if you do not buy the best, you are going to visit the shops again. A cover is cheaper than a car and it maintains the paint of the car very well.

Heat resistant

When you leave your car out in the sun for long, the body will just hot and this is not very good for paint. Some other car seat covers can get really hot, up top a point of burning you but not the synthetic rubber seat covers.

Moisture resistant

This is what makes some of the car covers that we have in the market a best seller especially among people who have families. They resist moisture so well such that they require little or no maintenance for a long time. If you live in an area that experiences showers of rain regularly and you would like to protect your car from moisture, and then just get the waterproof kind of car cover. Seek something that is made just like a wet suit, no moisture will penetrate but it will be left to evaporate in the heat.

Fire proof

Therefore, when you are smoking and you accidentally drop your cigarette or hot ash on the bonnet of your car; it will cause no burns in your cover. The why, when and where’s of car covers. Why a car cover? If you have a vehicle that has value then you need a car cover to protect that value. In today’s economy keeping the value of your car is getting harder every day. The market value of your vehicle is falling as you read this article. There is one way you can help keep your cars value, by using a car cover you will protect the exterior finish from damages like UV rays, acid rain, dings, scratches, bird droppings and more… The interior will also benefit from a cover by reducing the suns heat from building up inside your car. This can damage anything that is plastic like your Cd’s, DVD’s, and many other items. The cover will keep people passing by from seeing all your interior accessories you have added to your car like a expensive stereo and speakers, other custom items and valuables from shopping. Many times a car cover can help divert a theft of your car or any valuables inside but it is wise to use a cable lock on your cover, which will eliminate theft of the cover itself as well. By having a vehicle cover you will help keep that new car look and it’s value when you sell it or trade it in. When should you us a car cover? You should use a vehicle cover all year long. The car cover will protect your vehicle in the summer from the sun. When fall comes it will protect your car from the rain and hail and when winter arrives it will keep the snow and ice from damaging your exterior finish and you won’t have to scrape your windows in the am before going to work. Then in the spring it will protect your car from all kinds of weather from the sun to snow. It’s always good to have a cover on your vehicles. There are many other reasons to keep your car covered. It will protect your vehicle from dirt, dings, scratches, bird droppings, acid rain, UV damage, kids playing around outside or in your garage just walking pass and rubbing up against it. So the best time to cover your car is always.

Where can you get a vehicle cover? I find that the best place to buy a car cover is on the Internet. The Internet gives you many choices to choose from and ton’s of information on and about vehicle covers. If you have a computer just type car cover or truck, van, SUV, ATV or any other cover you are looking for in the search box and it will give you all the information you need to buy or explain the types of covers available for your vehicle and your climate zone. If you don’t have a computer just go to your local library and use there computers to look up and buy covers. If you don’t have a lot of computer knowledge then just ask the Librarian for help, they will be happy to assist you. There are also retail stores that sell car covers like auto parts stores and retailers like Wal-Mart.  You may be seeking protection from any number of elemental hazards: rain, snow, sleet, sun, falling tree sap, bird droppings or wind-borne objects. Damage from UV rays, acid rain, industrial pollutants or even volcanic dust should all be considered. Claws and paws of small animals can also scratch and mark the paintwork of your car. If you live near the sea, you may have the extra disadvantage of excess salt in the air while just about anyone, anywhere may want protection from curious eyes or opportunist thieves.

A waterproof cover alone therefore is not enough. This may protect from a number of damaging effects but for full paintwork protection, a soft, ‘breathable’ inner lining is essential. Getting the right fit is also important. Do not be taken in by ‘one size fits all’ claims as these are rarely true. Often these covers are not secure and may lift in gusty weather and flap around, which can also damage the paintwork. It is always worth a little extra outlay to ensure the cover is tailored to your car. No matter how well the car cover fits, it can still cause scratches if the paintwork is dirty. Keeping the paintwork clean will therefore preserve it for longer. Existing dirt can easily rub against the paintwork when fitting and removing the cover or if the cover is buffeted by strong winds. Learning the best way to fit and remove the cover to cause minimum scratching will also protect the paintwork and save you time. Finally, you need to care for your car cover, just as you would car for your car. It needs to be stored correctly when not in use and also kept clean. Take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions for the care of your car cover and you will prolong its life and give your car the best possible protection.